Monday, 19 September 2011

Very Bright!

So I have been busy sewing, but have not really completed anything new yet.  This being said, I thought I would post a picture of one of the last orders completed.  We were asked to dress the Fife and Drums for Williamstown.  Schedules were crazy, and the Fife Major has a baby.  This made it difficult for her to consider getting it done, so I was enlisted.  A whirlwind of sewing ensued, and everything else was ignored (my house really suffered).  Though these coats still need their pocket flaps added, we managed to crank out all nine, in a week and a half.  They looked as great as they sounded.  Now, I have a late comer to dress, and they will all be matching in their bright yellow tunics.


  1. They look great! Oh by the way the color scheme on the blog really makes the pictures that much better!

  2. Thank you. We were quite impressed ourselves, with the final result. It is surprisingly difficult to find an appropriately bright yellow.